New Moon Pole Gathering for Thursday July 19, 2012

Time is ticking by quickly this year. I'm all ready finding myself looking back and thinking "Wow! It's all ready July?! It was JUST the new year." Cancer will do that to us. In edition to making us want to feel anything and everything around us (strongly) Cancer gives us a wandering, retrospective mind. We'll be going through our day like gangbusters one minute and the next we'll be a puddle thinking about our childhood and the long lost puppy that we loved and nursed back to health. As difficult as it is for us to look back into our past we need to do it. How else would we ever learn from our mistakes and hurts in order to grow and be the sympathetic, nurturing being that we need to be in the present?

During the Full moon in Cancer and Capricorn I spoke a lot about Cancer's role as the Great Mother, AKA. the Domestic Goddess. During the New Moon, which occurs very early on Wednesday July 18th, it's doubly so, as the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Cancer conjunct. The conjunction gives us a rolling wave of focused, emotional sensitivity. Though both men and women are affected by all transits, this one is especially specific to women. Cancer is our sign and the Moon, the planetary ruler of Cancer, represents all things womanly. It's exalted at this time so it just feels right. Maiden Moon is experiencing the first buds of womanhood and femininity and we feel more connected to our sensual feminine bodies.

As the Moon in Cancer allows us to learn to connect to our womanly body physically, this connection also allows us to look deeper within to connect to ourselves more internally. We feel our feelings strongly, and yet, we protect them. That's what Cancer does to us. As a water sign, the element of emotion, she knows how to be emotional. True to her symbol the crab, however, she protects her emotional center with a hardened shell, most likely because she remembers how it feels to be hurt because, again, she spends a lot of time thinking of the past. She understands a broken heart, so she puts up her walls in order to never be broken again. The thing is, she can't help it. She feels too strongly. She will continue to put herself out there to care for her family, friends, spouses... anyone who needs it...but if hard times come around for her, not one tear will be shed in public. Cancer is such a master of concealment, for example, that often her partner might never know that something is wrong until he or she hears the words, "I want a divorce." Besides the great Gemini lesson of "Communication is key to a healthy relationship!" I think the most important Cancer lesson to remember is that we can release and still honor the past, and that we can only effectively nurture those around us if we know how to nurture ourselves first. To quote Kung Fu Panda (yes I said that right) "The Past is history, the Future is a mystery, the Present is a gift."

While the Sun Transits through the sign of Cancer, give yourself a gift. Pamper yourself, look into your past, learn from it and continue on. Curl yourself into the embrace of your family and loved ones and allow them to take care of you as much as you care for them. Look around your home and improve it to your liking. Give yourself a warm bath or take trip to the beach. Watch how the waves carry in gifts from the sea and take them back as quickly. Find ways to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Use your greatened sensitivity to connect you to yourself artistically and physically. Take a pole class! hint hint.

Since this gathering is for women only it should be easy. Bring in Props and Costumes that help you connect to yourself as a woman. What makes you feel most feminine? What makes you feel strong? Maybe you can bring in something that reminds you of your childhood, or of your home, or of your children if you have them. What does "Woman" mean to you? Also play with the symbols of Cancer. Here are some ideas that might help you out...

Cancer- ethereal as the moon, smooth as water. Private and unrevealing but "emotionally nurturing." A beautiful, maternal, siren of the sea.
Possible Props and Costumes- String of pearls, blindfold, clothes that accentuate the breasts, iridescent and opalescent hues, blues and greens, silver, materials that flow like water
Music- Debussy, Ravel and other music from the Impressionist Period. "Water Music". Songs about family, motherhood and women. Reminiscent music with "mood" and flow.
Some Famous Cancer Musicians- Rogers and Hammerstein, Lena Horne, Vince Guaraldi, June Carter Cash, Ringo Starr, Deborah Harry, Linda Ronstadt, Carlos Santana, George Michael, Courtney Love, Beck, Missy Elliot, Allison Krauss, M.I.A, Jessica Simpson, Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam)