New Moon Pole Gathering for Sunday May 20, 2012

Do you feel the change in the air? Well, that would be the Sun transiting from Taurus into the Mercurial air sign of Gemini. Like last month, the Sun and Moon seem to be dancing together. On Sunday May 20, 2012, the very same day that the Sun transits into Gemini, the moon will join the sun in a great Gemini conjunction. If you've read my other emails you'll know now that when the Sun and Moon join together in conjunction on a New Moon this means that there will be a certain amount of focus in the area of whatever sign that they're meeting in. Aries was about discovering who we are as individuals and how we relate to the world, "I am", Taurus showed us the things that we have and how they reflect ownership of ourselves, "I own", and Gemini... well, once we learn who we are and what we are physically, the next step is to learn how to communicate our thoughts, "I think".

Gemini is the first dual sign of the zodiac, the other's being Libra and Pisces. It's symbol is "the twins" which shows us quite a deal of insight into the meaning of this sign. Gemini is about communicating what they think, not what they believe. Often times if a thought occurs to them they want to talk about it right away, and they do talk, often times very quickly in order to keep up with the speed of their ideas. They are the faeries of the zodiac flitting from one idea to another like butterflies to flowers. However, most people misunderstand the word "communicate". It's not all talk. In order to have a conversation, one must also listen. Actually, talk isn't even a requirement. Have you noticed that twins often have a language all their own? They can be in the same room, not say a word and know the whole story, almost like a psychic connection. Are they actually psychic? Probably, but more than that I tend to think that these two individuals, these twins, are so in-tuned with each other and the way that they communicate with their words and their body language, that it's almost like they can read each other's thoughts. This, I think is the most important lesson of Gemini. It's not what is said, it's how it's communicated and whether or not you can pick up on the language. Though Geminis can occasionally seem like blabbery, airey fairy, social butterflies, they are masters at language of all sorts and they understand that you must learn to listen as well as speak. That's why they are such amazing communicators. What a wonderful lesson for all of us to learn this month! The New Moon is just the beginning.

So this New Moon in Gemini, lets focus our attention on communication; speaking up when we are normally silent, sitting quietly when we normally are the first to speak, paying attention to body language in order to gather more than we ever could with just words. For our gathering this will be the most fun to apply to our movement. How will our body do the talking?

As always, bring in props, costumes, and music that helps you embody the essence of Gemini. If you're drawing a blank, I'm happy to provide.

Here are some ideas-

"Gemini- "curious", light and airy with ability to communicate physically. A whole harem of women wrapped up into one. Longs to fly, loves a mirror.
Possible Props and Costumes- Wings, Tutus, bright colors, mirror, ballet slippers
Music- story songs with emphasis on lyrics, Be-bop, songs with intricate melodic lines, light rap, Mozart era of music (Classical Era)
Some Famous Gemini Musicians- Cole Porter, Rosemary Clooney, Richard Wagner, Artie Shaw, Paula Abdul, Kanye West, Mark Walhberg, Miles Davis, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks, Peggy Lee, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Prince, Alanis Morissette, Bod Dylan, Judy Garland, Lionel Richie, Lisa Lopes, Kylie Minogue, Lauryn Hill, Jewel"

On a personal note- I love Gemini. I seem to say this every single month, but this month I really mean it. Gemini is my Sun sign, which means, when the sun was transiting through the constellation of Gemini (on June 4th to be exact) I was born. So when the Sun moves through Gemini It's literally my birthday!! All you Tauruses probably felt this way last month, and Aries the month before. Well move over Taurus! It's Gemini's month to shine!! Why is that? Because whenever the Sun transits through any sign it is shining down on to it, highlighting it in your life. That is why birthdays are so important. I'd like to bring up that my actual birthday occurs on the Full Moon this month. Sadly I won't be in California to hold a gathering, but I'll still send out info for you all if you'd like to harness the Moon in your own ways.