Full Moon with Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius for August 1, 2012

This email is late. I have been camping for nearly two weeks and have had no real internet access to send you an update. I'm actually writing this on my phone right now. My travels are also why this month's Full Moon Pole Gathering was cancelled. Yes, for this Leo/Aquarius full moon and Lughnasadh (first harvest) I have been camping with the Faeries at Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene, Oregon. Whenever I'm in "The Realm" I tend to be a little cloudy so I have had a very difficult time putting in to words what this full moon is about. I knew I had to write something I just didn't know WHAT to write. However, with Mother Moon shining down on me in my tent, lighting my way (and waking me up) I now know what to write and it begins at Faerieworlds.

There were many Leo/ Aquarius occurrences that happened in Faerieworlds, but most notably, two. One night the master of ceremonies, Mark Lewis, said, "In my second adolescence I have learned that the greatest thing to learn in this life is to love others and accept love in return. So right now, this second, turn to your neighbor and say to them "I love you." Now turn to your other neighbor and say,"I love YOU." Doesn't that feel good?" It really did. Then I saw one of my favorite bands, Delhi2Dublin. They are an Indian/ Irish fusion band that put on an amazing show. If you have never heard them, give them a listen. Anyhoo, in the middle of their concert the lead singer, Sanjay Seran, stopped and said, "All of you are amazing. The amount of love and positive energy that you all put out into the world will really change it for the better. Thank you." Mark and Sanjay at two different times during the Festival were spreading the word of this Leo/Aquarius Full moon. They were basking in the energy of not only the love we receive but in the love we give and how it all can change us as individuals, and the world, for the better. They, at Faerieworlds, in Eugene, Oregon, summed it up perfectly.

I have really enjoyed Oregon. Actually, I have fallen in love with it. On my trip I have brought a fantastic book called The Rulership Book written by Rex E. Bills. It was gifted to me years ago by a friend and astrologer. True as it's title, it is a rulership book. Every single thing on this planet has an astrological ruler. I was curious to see what Oregon's ruler was considering how much I love this place. I wasn't sure if it would be in there at all considering how big this planet and how small this book is, but there it was, "Oregon (Leo, Aquarius)". The parentheses were because Bills wasn't quite sure. He felt it could go either way. Here I was, traveling to this magical place very near the Leo/Aquarius full moon for this festival, and it's ruled by both. I was absolutely delighted. For me this was an indication that I was in the right place at the right time.

The Realm aside, I really have had a hard time pulling together an email for this full moon. It very well could be that I haven't had Internet access, or it could be the Mercury Retrograde, but it very well could be because of fire sign Leo. Leo which is ruled by the sun, can sometimes be quite self involved. I want to be very clear that "Self involvement" is not "selfish". It can actually be a very good thing. When the sun is in Leo, its ruler the Sun shines a spot light onto out talents and all that we choose to create, be it children, projects, or affairs of the heart. Leo's phrase is "I will", and I can see that phrase applying in everything. "When there is a will there is a way" and Leo wills it. Hopefully, last month Cancer taught us how to feel our way through to nurture ourselves and others so that this month while the Sun is in Leo we can celebrate who we are and again, bask in the love that we receive from others. For all the work we put into our families and home, this month it's our time to shine, it's our reward. "Work before play", and baby, it's time to play! Like all performers on a stage who are ruled by Leo, we should enjoy the spotlight,"feel the love" and spread that love around. Love is infinite, why not share it? Which brings me to Aquarius.

Aquarius, the polar opposite of Leo, is the Moon to Leo's Sun in the first of our two Full Moons this month. Meaning, the second is a Blue Moon. In case you never learned what a Blue Moon is, it's when two full moons happen in one month. This usually occurs once a year. So when someone says "...happens in a Blue Moon.", you can see that it doesn't happen very often. This year it's August 31st in Virgo and Pisces. But I digress, AGAIN!

I will go into Aquarius in a lot more detail next year when the Sun transits through but for now, while Leo accepts the Love of others, Aquarius is the one that shares it. It is the love given. Given to our peers but also to the world at large. Aquarius's phrase is "I know" and it knows that the world can and will be a better place if we all join together in friendship and think of the future. "All you need is love."

I also wanted to briefly say that this Full Moon is also a Wishing Moon since it's the Full Moon closest to First Harvest. The previous Wishing Moon occurred nearest to Beltaine or "May Day". The next wishing moon occurs October 29th, the full moon closest to Samhain or Halloween. For those of you newbies, wishing moons occur on the full moons closest to the four fixed quarter holidays that occur on February 2nd, May 1st, August 2nd, and October 31st. It's a time to write down all goals, hopes, dreams, and desires for the next three months until the next Wishing Moon. I do this with my family. We write down everything we'd like to achieve and manifest in our life and then check them off on the next moon before we write our new lists. Regardless of what you believe, these lists are great motivators. Try it out this month and see how much you can achieve this autumn.

So, even though I'm late in my email, you can still apply the lessons of the Leo/Aquarius Full Moon to your life. Think about how to help your fellow man (and woman) in friendship, make yourself available to the rays of gifts and love that you will receive and send them back into the universe, accept love and love in return, bathe in the spotlight, and wish on the moon to help achieve your dreams this Autumn. You can will anything to happen for yourself. You deserve it all.