Full Moon Pole Gathering for Saturday May 5, 2012

On April 21, 2012 in the wee hours occurred a new Moon in Taurus, a sensual moon that brought focus to what we have and how it reflects who we are. The lesson isn't over for us. We will continue on this path throughout the Sun's travel through Taurus (ending roughly May 20th) but along the way it will stand in opposition to the Moon in Scorpio. This opposition, or Full Moon as is always the case when the Sun and Moon oppose one another, is set to occur on May 5, 2012. As with every full moon, two opposing sides are bringing awareness to different areas of our life.

In edition to the Full Moon this week, Beltaine, or "May Day", occurs on May 1st. Traditionally in Ireland Beltaine is considered the first day of Summer, and Celtic Re-constructionists and folklorists take great care in keeping the ancient traditions of Beltaine alive. At one time in your life you may have even danced around a May Pole. My mother remembers doing it in Elementary School! Beltaine is also known by neo-pagans as one of its 8 holy Sabbats. It's no mistake that in some Pagan traditions High Beltaine is celebrated on the Full Moon closest to the holiday. High Beltaine is a celebration of the union of the Lord and Lady, and during the full moon both feminine and masculine aspects are represented by the Sun and Moon. It's a double whammy of Masculine and Feminine energy. It's also a very powerful time to make all your wishes and desires come true. It is a "Wishing Moon".

Beltaine aside, in the case of this full moon we have the masculine Sun in Taurus, representing everything we own (including ourselves) and the feminine moon in Scorpio. Scorpio represents "sex, death and taxes" as well as the occult. It's an interesting combo of qualities, but Scorpio manages to express them seamlessly. How might Scorpio effect Taurus? Lets break it down...

While Taurus is wrapped up in it's possessions, Scorpio shows Taurus that there is more to life than what you own, you can't take it with you and Scorpio will take it from you just to teach you that lesson, in the case of the IRS, its sometimes literal. Money will come in one hand, and out the other, but it never stays gone for long. Once you understand the lesson it will come back again.

Taurus is strong and persistent and though they seem related to elephants with the ability to never forget the past, they really are people that live in the present; this earth, this time, right now. Scorpio on the other-hand is able to see the past and future at once and understands that life is a series of beginnings and endings They understand with life there also comes death in a never ending cycle. Sometimes more like a phoenix than their symbol the scorpion, Scorpios are acutely aware of rebirth and the darkness that comes before.

As grounded in the senses as Taurus is, Scorpio on the other hand digs deeply below the ground. They're not comfortable with the surface. Their motto is "I desire" and they desire to uncover the dark places in all of us that many are afraid to open. While Taurus again paints the picture of the bull warming itself in the sunshine, taking in the aroma and beauty of the flower's petals, Scorpio is most likely under the soil at the roots trying to unearth the worms and the reason as to "why" they grow as beautifully as they do. They are not afraid of the dark. As different as Taurus and Scorpio appear to be in their opposition, they are still of like mind. They both love the flowers, just different parts of them.

So what does all of this mean for us during a Taurus Sun and Scorpio full Moon? Well, we have an opportunity to take both qualities of Taurus and Scorpio to bring awareness to the sensuality of our darkness and internal mysteries. Basically, through the senses which are so important to Taurus, we will find a deeper spirituality and connection to our darkness which is the place where our Scorpio lives and thrives. Through connection to the body, we will connect to our spirit.

So, for this Full Moon let's explore the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio in a few ways...through sex, death and taxes of course!

Bring in sensual props, costumes and music that help you express any one of these themes.Through the senses you have permission to delve into your darker side. Taurus/ Scorpio always reminds me of gothic romance novels, but that's just me. :) Or maybe you'd rather hitch a ride on the money theme. It all relates and it's up to you.

Since this is the Full Moon closest to Beltaine think about the wishes and desires you hope will manifest through the course of the next 3 months. Remember, Scorpio's motto is "I desire" and you have every right to "have and own" the things you "desire". By all means bring anything that embodies any or all of what you want. The gathering is your celebration and you can do as little or as much as you like.