Full Moon Pole Gathering for Monday July 2, 2012

I have to admit that thinking about the Full Moon in Cancer and Capricorn makes me feel a little backwards. So far this year we have experienced New Moons in a certain sign, really exploring every nuance, and then two weeks later in the Full Moon we see how it changes when it's opposite comes into play. This month is topsy turvey. Instead of a New Moon in Cancer, we got the privilege of celebrating a New Moon in Gemini, twice! If you ask me, the universe is telling us all that we have some serious lessons to learn in regards to communication, and I hope you learned them, but now, as all things do, we're moving on. The great wheel of life keeps spinning and we have hopefully learned how to speak and listen to those around us so that now we can discover our place in our family.

Again to use a baby as an example, the child is born, then figures out who it is in Aries, what it owns and what is theirs in Taurus, how to communicate with it siblings and parents in Gemini, and then with Cancer as their guide, discovers it's pack order in the family structure and their home. Now when I say, "family" this doesn't necessarily mean blood relations. Our family is what we make. We have those that are related by blood, true, but we also have those that we adopt into our lives, our friends that help make up our "village". Regardless of what we might consider our family, in it, everyone has a role to play. Our roles can change, grow and evolve, but overall we have our place in our home life. It's up to us to discover what our place is, and for that matter, what we may consider our home. It's different for everyone. Often times people will say, "home is where the heart is." meaning the place you grew up or your actual house. For Cancer, this could be true, but for a Sagittarius, for example, home might be University in a far away place and it's family might be it's colleagues. For a Leo, home might be the stage, and it's family are it's fellow actors. It's different for every individual, and it's up to that individual to discover.

I will not doubt go into Cancer in more detail during the New Moon, but to sum up, Cancer is an emotional water sign with a lot of feeling. Cancer's phrase is actually "I feel", and it uses it's feelings to nurture everyone and everything around them. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the great Mother. So when the Moon is in Cancer, it's exalted, it feels right. However, in this approaching Full Moon we are celebrating Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. While Cancer is mother and home, Capricorn is father, professional life and standing in the community. He is the great disciplinarian who brings home the bacon, so to speak. As you can see in this Full Moon, there is a bit of role-reversal going on. The energy of the transit is still very Cancerian and nurturing, but with the Moon in Capricorn there is a certain emotional ambition to use all of it's resources to make things happen. What we have here is the great Matriarch. The Woman who is Mother and Father all wrapped into one. She is the boss of her hearth, the leader of her tribe, the head of her pack. She is every single mom left to care for her family on her own, and she is every woman that makes working in the home her career. She's good at it, and she take is very seriously. Often times it's with a hardened exterior, like it's symbol the hermit crab, but inside we know that she has a gooey interior that gives her the sensitivity to nurture her family.

So, how does all of this apply in the general sense? Well, the first step is to determine what we consider our home and then whether or not we can be in charge. Is it possible for us to be the CEO of our family (whatever we feel our family might be)? Can we feel confident to instill guidance and caring to our charges? This Full Moon explore what it's like to be "mother" and "father" wrapped up into one; a nurturer AND provider. Think about what you consider to be your family and your role in it.

If you can make the gathering, bring in props, costumes and music that showcase your home and your public personae, your domestic life and career. You can focus on one, the other, or both. A brilliant Cancer/ Capricorn Song is "I'm a Woman" made famous by Peggy Lee but recorded by EVERYONE [Including Miss Piggy and Raquel Welch- my favorite :) ].