Full Moon Pole Gathering for June 4, 2012

You know by now from my last email that the Full Moon Gathering tonight was cancelled. The Pole in the Park yesterday was cancelled as well. I was bummed about it. This is a great weekend. I wish I could have shared it with my California Peeps BUT I am in Florida visiting with my family and since Gemini rules siblings, it was just meant to be. Things often are.

Anyhoo... Since we are in Gemini, and Gemini has a tendency to over talk, and since I can't be with many of you personally to hold a gathering, you get to read my loooooong email. It is my birthday after all!

I realized after I sent off my Gemini New Moon email last week I didn't cover Solar and Lunar Eclipses at all which was kind of important since it was also a Solar Eclipse. It dawned on me as soon I hit send. I have to admit the Eclipses are rather new to me in terms of astrological influences so I'll use someone else's words to help you understand. The following comes from the blog http://www.mollysastrology.com/ I discovered her as I was doing Eclipses research.

In a nutshell she said that a Solar Eclipse which always occurs during a New Moon could be considered a "special new moon". I'd like to call it a "Super New Moon" because I have a mild obsession with super heroes. Basically it's a New moon but to the nth degree. As I've mentioned before the New Moon brings an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts for the month ahead until the next new moon. Since an eclipse occurs roughly every six months a Lunar Eclipse offers an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts that will carry over for the next six months! It's a great time to create and bring wonderful things into your life. Decide what you want and plant the seeds to get it. In the case of the last Solar Eclipse in Gemini, any desire concerning communication would travel far.

A Lunar Eclipse (which occurred June 4th, 2012) is very much the same, a "Super Full Moon". We are very much aware of different aspects of our life being pulled into two different directions and it will probably shine a light on the things that we don't necessarily need any more, also to the nth.

Here is what Molly had to say-

"A Lunar eclipse is a very special Full Moon. Decisions we make, things we let go of, and things we finish during this waning cycle have significance in the future. It is an excellent time to give up an old habit, for example, smoking.
Full Moons in general, and Lunar eclipses in particular, are times of high emotion, and they bring awareness. The Sun and the Moon, our animus and our emotions, are on opposite sides of the sky, as if the other were a mirror. This is a time of mirroring, we can see ourselves in others if we are willing to look. Many are not."
I was struck by her mention of "the mirror". I believe I noted in last weeks email that Gemini has a fascination with mirrors. Only then does Gemini get to spend time with his or her twin, a literal reflection of her self. So what a great time this is! We have a Lunar Eclipse occurring in Gemini! The planets are dancing along beautifully for us to follow along and learn.
This brings me to another great key word, "learn". Gemini loves to learn, and on the other side of that, Sagittarius is the great teacher. So if you've been following along these few months you'll know that in a Full Moon the Sun is in opposition to the Moon. In this case, Gemini vs. Sagittarius. The two signs are "mirroring" each other, pulling away and coming together in order to reach the same goals. During the Gemini new moon we should have learned about communication. How do we communicate with others? Were we able to find new ways of communicating? What did we LEARN about ourselves and our relationships to the outer world while communicating? Now Sagittarius is trying to use his worldly travels and collegiate knowledge to continue to teach us. If we didn't learn that communication is also about listening, he's here to drive the point home and Sagittarius is about as subtle as a sledge hammer. Hopefully it won't come to that. Once you learn your lessons you have a duty to share with others and become the teacher. I often say that I learn more from my students then they could ever learn from me. It's always a give and take between student and teacher, much like the Sun and Moon in opposition. So during the Full Moon I hope you are continuing on in your journey to speak up as well as listen and that you are able to turn it around and share with others. Those seeds that you planted will grow soon.

I should just call this email as done, but I really can't. There is also another astronomical phenomena occurring on the 5th and 6th of June, 2012. From our vantage point Venus will pass over the Sun as a small little dot. If you still have hold of your eclipse glasses pull them back out because this will never happen again in our lifetime. The next one will occur December, 2117. This phenomena is reflected astrologically as a Venus and Sun Conjunction. Astrologically these happen all the time, but rarely in a way that we can view it from Earth.

In a nutshell, a Venus and Sun conjunction is a beautiful time full of art, culture, and love. Babies born during a Sun and Venus Conjunction will be immensely talented, gorgeous lovers, though a little conflicted because of the Full Moon. They will more likely to be teachers, probably in the arts of some kind. For the rest of us, the Sun and Venus Conjunction will bring focus to how we can learn and teach in cultural areas. Sound familiar? Since the Moon is in Sagittarius and it rules foreign countries, travel, and learning, emotionally we want to travel. If we can't do it physically, then we'll do it mentally. Either will allow us to step outside of the world that we are used to and we will have the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. This opposes Sun and Venus, who honestly, are happy just hanging out together chatting about music and looking beautiful. Earlier on in the day I explained the threesome to my sister this way. If Venus is a gorgeous woman and the Sun is a sexy man, the two are literally spending their time on top of each other, probably talking in the process. The emotional female Moon probably isn't too happy about it so she's pulling against them trying to get the chit chatting lovers to stop long enough to join her in some sort of physical and emotional travel. She's not going to be able to pull them away from each other until they're good and ready, but in the process there will be quite a lot of talk about art and culture going on.

So here you go, your assignment- think about art, think about other cultures, think about stepping outside of your comfort zones to explore other areas that you aren't used to. Take a dance class, attend a musical, reach out to the side of yourself that never wanted to leave school. Look into your artistic nature and then talk about it. Go up to some one and strike up a conversation. Cut away the shy and timid you and create a person willing to go out of their way to connect. That's what communication is after all. It's the fastest way to connect two people. You never know, maybe the next person you connect with could be your next best friend...or more.