Eyes Without a Face Parody (I Will Eat Your Face)

I have a blog now, and damn it, I'm going to use it! I will try my hardest to keep it within the realm of astrology and pole dancing, but for me EVERYTHING can be about astrology and pole dancing.

Case it point-

My friend Ian Nemser is a very talented lyricist specializing in Parody. He cowrote the Sports Musical Comedy and Parody Review, Chuckleball and is now branching out onto his own to create parody videos for Youtube. He recently wrote a fantastic parody to Billy Idol's all ready hilarious video "Eyes Without a Face" called "Bath Salts- I Will Eat Your Face" and he asked if I would be in it as one of the three weird girls and as a pole dancer. Of course I said "yes!" There is nothing more exciting than to come together with my friends to create something fun. If I had a choice between a big budget film with a billion people running around, or a video with my close friends filmed in my living room on a nothing budget, I'd rather do the latter, and that's what we did. It was a great time, and he did an amazing job capturing the ridiculousness off the original.

Check it out!

Bath Salts Parody - Billy Idol "Eyes Without a Face" (I Will Eat Your Face)